RTA Cabinets vs Home Depot

What You Might Be Missing Out On . . .

What could be easier than running down to Home Depot to pick out your cabinets? You may even get to start on your project that same week. Unless they don’t have the style you want in stock. Or maybe they don’t have all the components you need to complete your kitchen. The last thing you want is to tear up your kitchen just to wait weeks and weeks for one more cabinet.

You can sidestep all those potential problems with one simple fix. Shop for your cabinets online. Browse hundreds of RTA cabinets in stock, select what you need for your layout, order, and they arrive on your doorstep in about a week. No more wondering, worrying, or waiting.

What do you get with RTA cabinets vs Home Depot? We’ve only scratched the surface. You might just find that you prefer ordering online to going into the store. Here’s why.

Rock Bottom Prices

Big box stores like Home Depot have lots of overhead. They transport, stock, display, and ship their products and all that costs money. The costs of all that overhead gets transferred to the final price of the cabinet.

Online RTA cabinets don’t have to worry about many of the things a big box does since the product goes right from a distribution center to your home or work site. That means we can offer the same quality cabinets at a reduced price. In fact, 30-40% less than a big box store.

Huge Selection

Because Home Depot has to stock the cabinets they sell, they are limited as to the variety of selection they can keep in-store. They may offer more styles but those will have to be shipped to you since they aren’t in stock. RTA cabinets online keep cabinets in large warehouses and don’t have to bother with stocking stores. That means we offer a huge selection of styles and you don’t have to wait extra time to get started on your project.

Quick Ship Guarantee™

Most cabinet orders take a full 7-21 days just to leave the warehouse. Not at RTA Cabinet Store. If you select a cabinet style from our Quick Ship Guarantee™ program, we guarantee your order leaves our warehouse within three business days. You could potentially have your cabinets in the same week you order them!

If we don’t get your cabinet order out the door within three days, we’ll refund you 10% (up to $250) of your purchase price. It’s the fastest shipping in the industry, including Home Depot, and the only shipping guarantee of its kind.


Sure, samples don’t seem like that big a deal, but it’s one of the differences between RTA cabinets vs Home Depot. Samples in a big box store seem unnecessary since you are in the store looking directly at the cabinets. Most people don’t even think about taking a sample home. But that could be a grave mistake. Buying cabinets online requires samples and this is what makes the difference.

Once you have the sample in your home, some things become apparent that you might not have seen before. Like lighting. Under the sales floor lights, the cabinets look great, but that’s not the lighting you have at home. With a sample, you can see how cabinets look in your lighting. You can see if finishes match up. You can compare against the rest of your design. It’s subtle, but can make a big difference.

RTA Cabinets Store offers quarter door or full door samples, which can be refunded toward the price of your cabinet purchase.

Semi-Custom Cabinets Online

If you want something special for your kitchen cabinet layout, you may think you have to turn to a brick and mortar store. That’s just not so. RTA Cabinet Store offers all kinds of components that allow you to build out the semi-custom kitchen layout of your dreams.

We also have do-it-yourself tools like the layout tool to ensure you get the right measurements for your space. If you want more assistance, get in touch with our design pros for free help designing your kitchen and finding the perfect cabinets.

Lower price, wider selection, and quicker shipping make RTA cabinets the clear choice. But if you’re still pondering about RTA cabinets vs Home Depot, learn more about why RTA Cabinet Store offers you more.

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