What Does “Cheap Cabinets” Really Mean?

Why Cheap RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online Doesn’t Equal Low Quality

The word “cheap” has many nuances. It might mean someone who doesn’t want to spend money. Then again, it might mean that a product was made with low-quality materials or that it wasn’t built to last. On the other hand, it might simply mean that the price is low.

When it comes to cheap RTA kitchen cabinets online, you might not be sure exactly which version of “cheap” you’re getting. Cabinets are an investment. Although you want to keep the price low, you also want to make sure that you’re getting a product that uses quality materials and is manufactured with care.

So, how can you be sure cheap ready to assemble kitchen cabinets won’t have you scrambling for repairs or replacements in a few years? Luckily, cheap RTA cabinets are available in very high-quality options. Here’s why cheap RTA kitchen cabinets online aren’t necessarily low quality.

White cabinets and drawers in an island.

Why RTA Cabinets Are Cheap

Most cheap ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets do not cost less not because they are poorly constructed or use low-quality materials. They cost less because they sidestep many of the cabinet industry’s traditions that have kept cabinet prices high.

That said, don’t forget that cabinets are a significant part of your kitchen and will be one of the costliest things in your budget. RTA cabinets can save you a bunch of money in the budget. Here’s why.

DIY Assembly & Installation

A large portion of cabinet price is reflected in the assembly and installation, which requires expensive hands-on labor. When you do it yourself, that cuts back on cost considerably. All ready-to-assemble cabinets are less expensive because of this. You put in the time to assemble and install yourself and you save that money. Simple as that.

Online Discounts

Online prices are generally 30%+ less than the prices in big box stores. Plus, you’ll get a much larger selection to pick from online compared to in-store. This is because it costs money to transport, stock, and display cabinets in the store. The price of the cabinets reflects the store’s overhead. With cheap rta kitchen cabinets online, you pay only for the cabinets and your own shipping costs.

White kitchen cabinets in a u-shaped kitchen.

Price Matching

You can get RTA cabinets at a screaming deal online if you seek out a price matching program or lowest price guarantee. As long as you find comparable products, you can submit a quote, pdf, or screenshot of a shopping cart from a competing company with a lower price and get that price matched or beaten. This kind of competition keeps prices down.

Factory Manufacturing

Cabinet making is traditionally a bespoke industry. Cabinet makers are artists and carpenters who create beautiful and high-quality products—but that level of craftsmanship comes with a price. Custom cabinets, installed, cost an average of well over $18,000 and can be as much as $40-50,000. RTA cabinets are manufactured in a factory rather than by hand; that’s why there is a huge difference in price between cabinets online and more traditional cabinets.

Factory manufacturing doesn’t mean you’ll get lower-quality materials or features. You can still find excellent cabinets, even semi-custom options, with RTA cabinets. More on that in a minute.

Custom vs. Semi-Custom Cabinets

You already know that custom and semi-custom cabinets come at a premium. However, it might surprise you to learn that RTA cabinets offer you a similar semi-custom experience. Because you can choose from components, you can create a semi-custom kitchen with RTA cabinets for a fraction of the cost of traditional semi-custom cabinets.

Open drawer showing dove tail joinery.

What to Look for to Get Quality Cheap Cabinets

Buying online does come with some risk. But armed with a little knowledge, you can find quality cabinets at a great price. Here’s what to look for so you get the best cheap RTA kitchen cabinets online.

  • Soft close doors
  • Full extension drawers
  • Solid wood (plywood not particle board) or MDF/HDF boxes and shelves
  • Hardwood doors
  • Dovetailed construction
  • Fully finished cabinets with a warranty
  • Accessories and upgrades available
  • Semi-customization available
  • Samples (full door and quarter door)

As you can see, buying cabinets online can offer you the best the industry has to offer. The only thing “cheap” about them is the rock-bottom price. More and more customers are turning to the web to shop for and purchase high-quality cabinets. Many even prefer the broader selection and excellent quality they find online compared to in-store.

Start shopping for your kitchen cabinets today! Keep reading for more tips on how to shop for cabinets online.

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